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New Albany, Ohio 43054
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Physician Referrals

To refer a patient, you have the option of contacting us by fax, online, or by phone:

By Fax

Click here to download the referral form. Upon completion, please fax the form to (614) 766-2599.


This online appointment request is a secure and confidential area. Information entered and submitted is confidential. Please refer to the personal information section in our Site Privacy Policy.

Patient Name

DOB (mm/dd/yyyy)


Patient Home Phone

Patient Work Phone

Patient Cell Phone

Primary Insurance Co.

Secondary Insurance Co.


Referring Physician

Physician Address

Physician Phone #

Person Completing Form

Contact Number


Reason for Referral
Obstructive Sleep Apnea



Restless Legs Syndrome



Preferred Office

I certify that I am the physician or an authorized representative from the above mentioned referring physician and/or practice. I understand that Ohio Sleep Medicine Institute may call me to verify this information.


By Phone

If you wish to contact us by phone, please call 614.766.0773.

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