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Honors and Awards

“Best Doctors® in America” list
Dr. Markus H. Schmidt – 2007-2014 “Best Doctor” in Sleep Medicine for Central Ohio. The “Best Doctors® in America” list for Central Ohio is the result of a peer-review survey compiled by Best Doctors Inc. and conducted among thousand of physicians. The findings reflect the most skilled and qualified physicians in their field of expertise at reviewing and treating complex medical conditions. The list is credited as being a valuable resource for patients to find a physician.

Cleveland Clinic Neuroscience Investigator Award
Dr. Markus H. Schmidt -1999, 2000, 2001. Given 3 consecutive years, this award recognizes the most thorough and innovative research in the field of neuroscience by resident physicians at the Cleveland Clinic.

Sleep Research Society's (SRS) Young Investigator Award
Dr. Markus H. Schmidt – 2001. Presented by the Sleep Research Society, this award recognizes outstanding research effort in the field of sleep research.

American Academy of Sleep Medicine's (AASM) Young Investigator Award
Dr. Markus H. Schmidt – 1994, 1999. Presented by the American Sleep Disorders Association at the annual APSS meeting.

American Board of Sleep Medicine, Presidency
Late Helmut S. Schmidt, M.D. – 1991 First President of the American Board of Sleep Medicine.
The American Board of Sleep Medicine (formally known as the Examination Committee of the Association of Sleep Disorders Centers) was created to promote and improve the practice and standards of sleep medicine, as well as deliver specialized certificates to doctors in the field of sleep medicine.

Columbus Dispatch Best Physician list
Late Helmut S. Schmidt, M.D. - 2004 “Best Sleep Medicine Physician” in Central Ohio.

American Academy of Sleep Medicine Distinguished Prize
Late Helmut Schmidt, M.D. – 1988 Nathaniel Kleitman Distinguished Prize. Formally known as the ASDA, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine delivers this award for outstanding achievement and contribution to the field of sleep medicine in the areas of administration, public relations and government affairs. This award is one of the most prestigious awards a sleep medicine physicians can receive.

American Board of Sleep Medicine’s “Helmut S. Schmidt, M.D. Award”
Late Helmut Schmidt, M.D. – 1988 and 2007. This award is given yearly for "unstinting" dedication to the furtherance of the field of sleep medicine. It was originally known as the “Shoebox Award” for Dr. Schmidt’s tradition of keeping exam questions on index cards in his famous “shoebox”. The “Shoebox Award” was renamed the "Helmut S. Schmidt, MD Award" in 1995.


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