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1986 APSS Meeting

2011 marks the 25th anniversary of the first APSS meeting, which was personally hosted in Columbus, Ohio by the late Dr. Helmut Schmidt. This historic event was the first official federated joint meeting of the Sleep research Society and the Association of Sleep Disorders Centers (now renamed the American Academy of Sleep Medicine). It took a tremendous effort from Dr. Helmut Schmidt, Chairman of the Joint Program Committee, and other committee members to organize this event, which turned out to be a watershed moment in the history of sleep medicine. The number of attendees (over 800) rose to twice the size of any previous sleep meeting. In addition, Dr. Helmut Schmidt and Dr. Bill Dement led the effort to organize the very first National Sleep and Health Awareness Week (June 15-21, 1986), bringing sleep medicine attention on a national level. President Ronald Reagan signed this proclamation. The Columbus APSS meeting was the last national sleep meeting to be personally hosted by an individual and all subsequent APSS meetings are numbered after this meeting. Below are a number of videos and historical documents from this first APSS meeting. 

1986 APSS Meeting Video Clips

Dr. Helmut Schmidt's Welcoming Address  -  Welcoming Address from Dr. Helmut Schmidt

Dr. Thomas Roth's Address - Chairman of the Scientific Program Committee

Dr. Howard Roffwarg's Address - Chairman of the Sleep Research Society

Dr. William Dement's Address - Chairman of the APSS Board of Governors

Appreciation Award - Presented to Dr. Helmut Schmidt

Nathaniel Kleitman Award - Presented to Dr. Christian Guilleminault

Poster Presentation  - From Dr. Bill Dement to Jack Hanna, Director of the Columbus Zoo

National Sleep and Health Awareness Week - Interview from Dr. William Dement 

Public Service Announcements

1986 APSS Meeting Historical Documents

1986 APSS Program  - Welcoming Statement from Dr. Helmut Schmidt including explanation of meeting's poster

1986 APSS Poster, featuring "Taj", first white tiger born at the Columbus Zoo symbolizing sound and unencumbered sleep

1986 National Sleep and Health Awareness Postcard

1986 National Sleep and Health Awareness Week Resolution

Letter to President Ronald Reagan from Dr. Helmut Schmidt requesting the proclamation of the National Sleep and Health Awareness Week 

Letter confirming Columbus as host city for 1986 APSS meeting from Dr. Peter Hauri, Sleep Research Society Executive Secretary Treasurer

Letter inviting Dr. Helmut Schmidt to join a session in Seatle in 1985 regarding the merger between the Association of Sleep Disorders Centers and the Sleep Research Society  under the proposed "Association of Professional Sleep Societies" (APSS) from Dr. Christian Gillin, SRS Executive Secretary 


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Historic APSS Meeting - 26th Anniversary
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