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Dr. Helmut S. Schmidt, MD


Helmut S. Schmidt, MD  devoted his whole professional life to the development and recognition of Sleep Medicine as a medical specialty. 

A pioneer in the field of Sleep Medicine, the late Dr. Helmut S. Schmidt was instrumental in the history of Sleep Medicine on a national level. He was part of the original nosology committee that created the first classification of all sleep disorders in the history of mankind. During the late sixties, he started to practice sleep medicine at the Ohio State University Medical Center, which later became the third sleep disorders center in the country to be nationally accredited. He practiced there until 1990. He later founded the Ohio Sleep Medicine Institute (OSMI), an independent sleep center located in Dublin, Ohio, where he practiced along with his son, Markus H. Schmidt, MD, PhD. 

Dr. Helmut S. Schmidt's many accomplishments continue to touch the lives of many health professionals and patients alike. He was co-Chairman of the Insurance Committee of the American Sleep Disorders Association in the late seventiees. Under his leadership, the committee negotiated the recognition and reimbursement of sleep medicine services by insurance companies. Until that time, sleep medicine services were considered "experimental and investigational procedures".  

From 1982 to 1992, he guided the national examination process for certifying physicians in the field of sleep medicine and ran this examination for over 10 years before becoming in 1990 the First President of the American Board of Sleep Medicine (ABSM), the accrediting body responsible for certifying sleep medicine physicians. He had a tradition of keeping exam questions on index cards in a shoebox and he was later awarded the "Shoebox Award" from the American Board of Sleep Medicine, for "unstinting" dedication to the furtherance of the field. This award was later renamed the "Helmut S. Schmidt Award."

He was Chairman of the Joint Program Committee for the Sleep Research Society and the American Sleep Disorders Association that hosted the very first Annual Meeting of the Association of Professional Sleep Societies (APSS) in Columbus, Ohio, in 1986. This historic event was the first official meeting uniting these two organizations under one conference. In addition, he personally hosted this conference, which was another big endeavor.  All subsequent APSS meetings have since been organized and run by the AASM national office.

As part of the 1986 meeting, Dr. Helmut Schmidt and Dr. William Dement of Stanford University led the efforts to establish the first National Sleep and Health Awareness Week (June 15-21), a proclamation signed by President Ronald Reagan. Today, Sleep and Health Awareness Week remains an important advocacy event on a national level every March.

In 1988, Dr. Helmut Schmidt received the Nathaniel Kleitman Distinguished Prize from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (formerly known as the ASDA), which is that body's highest award for outstanding achievement and contribution to the field. He was proud of this award and the recognition of his efforts for the furtherance of the field. 

As the years went by, Dr. Helmut S. Schmidt continued to play an active role. He co-chaired the ASDA National Committee to recognize Sleep Medicine as a designated medical specialty by the American Medical Association, which ultimately occurred in January 1995. This recognition helped convey a higher level of legitimacy to the field of sleep medicine. 

In addition to his involvement in sleep medicine, Dr. Helmut Schmidt was Chairman of the Association Program Committee of the Ohio Psychiatric Association during the early eighties, before becoming President of the Ohio Psychiatric Association in 1985-1986. He later became interim president of the Mental and Health Review Board for the Ohio Psychiatric Association and was part of the 1991 Ohio Governor Mental Health Task Force. He was recognized in 2003 with the Distinguished Life Fellow by the American Psychiatric Association. 

Dr. Helmut Schmidt was known among health professionals for his expertise and dedication to quality patient care. Locally, his expertise was very much appreciated by the medical community. In 2004, he was voted by his peers as Best Sleep Medicine Physician in Central Ohio (Columbus Dispatch/WBNS poll). His induction into the 2011 Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame was a special event he was looking forward to before he unexpectedly passed away on October 20, 2010. 

Dr. Helmut S. Schmidt was a graduate of the University of Toronto School of Medicine and had completed his residency in psychiatry at the Ohio State University. In addition to his involvement in sleep medicine and psychiatry,  Dr. Helmut Schmidt had a successful military career. He retired as a Colonel from the United States Army Reserve and was the recipient of the Meritorious Service Medal following his last duty as Surgeon, 83rd Army Reserve Command.

Dr. Helmut Schmidt's legacy will remain forever in the many lives he touched, whether it be family, friends, colleagues, patients, or others. Let us all honor his memory as an ultimate tribute.


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Honors & Awards:

  • 2003: Distinguished Life Fellow, American Psychiatric Association
  • 1992: Letter of Appreciation, American Sleep Disorders Association, "for devoted and outstanding service to the field of Sleep Disorders Medicine over a period of ten years as Chair of the ASDA Examination Committee and as first president of the American Board of Sleep Medicine."
  • 1991: Recipient of first "Shoe Box" award for contributions to Sleep Medicine, American Board of Sleep Medicine (now named the "Helmut S. Schmidt Award"), "for directing the certification of clinicians in Sleep Medicine from its infancy to the current position of respect and wide acceptance, for teaching your colleagues the art and science of examination, for the unstinting contribution of endless time and energy."
  • 1989: Recipient of the Meritorious Service Medal, United States Army Reserve.
  • 1988: Nathaniel Kleitman Distinguished Service Award. Created in 1981 to honor service to the field of sleep research and sleep disorders medicine, especially generous and altruistic efforts in the areas of administration, public relations, and legislation. The highest award given in North America in the field of Sleep Disorders Medicine.
  • 1988: Fellow, American Sleep Disorders Association.
  • 1985: Letter of Commendation, Association of Sleep Disorders Centers.
  • 1983: Recipient of The Army Achievement Medal.
  • 1978: Fellow, American Psychiatric Association.
  • 1968: William C. Menninger Award (Honorable Mention) for outstanding original research presented by the Central Neuropsychiatric Association "in recognition of outstanding original research in the field of...Psychiatry."

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